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Mark Balet

Mark Balet is a contemporary Reggae/Afrobeat singer and songwriter based in New York City. Born to military and diplomat parents, he grew up between Ivory Coast, France, Egypt, United States, England and Spain. In 1996 he formed Mauvaise Race, a Hip-hop & Reggae duo with his sidekick Tashunke and developed his skills through reggae sound systems and open mics. Formerly known as Marky, Mark Balet first gained notice in France for his 2009 Reggae single "Outsider" from his studio album Eternel [Eternel Music / Sony ATV], followed by a european tour in 2010 [New Morning, La Scène Bastille, Heineken Hall Madrid, Réservoir, Oldschooltura Festival, Cultura Urbana...] Mark has collaborated with artists such as Murray Head, Specta (Saïan Supa Crew), DJ Poska and Daddy Lord C (La Cliqua). In 2014 he released his second LP Born to Love [Eternel Music / VP Records] including singles such as Love of a Father, Running and Rising Son. Lively and threated with an innovative fusion of reggae, Afrobeat and Rock; a unique, intelligible and harmonious amalgamation that uplifts, intrigues and inspires. His 2017 magnum Album that is NAWA [Eternel Music / Abba Nawa Prod] invites you to a mellow-reggae ride with a lyrically righteous foundation. And that voice! Think a raspy, Sam Cook - Glen Washington blend - Strong, honest and soulful.