Lion D ADD

Lion D

Lion D is a rasta singer, a new raising star on international reggae scene. He released three album, 'The Burnin Melody' in 2009 'Reap What you Sow' in 2011 and the Ep 'Real Somth'n' in 2012 on jamaican riddims. His songs are written in jamaican patwa and his conscious lyrics describe the world through music, using it as a way to denounce the injustices and to express his own spirituality. He goes over all reggae styles, from sing-jay to new roots to late dancehall and hip hop. His videos 'Trendsetta' and 'Nah like da way deh' were shot in Jamaica, while 'You Know That I Love You' video was shot in L.A.

He toured Italy, Europe and USA performing in the best music live club. Able to perform inna showcase style with Bizzarri Sound, Lion D can perfom also backed by his own band, called The Livity Band.