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Levi Roots Releases Reggae Christmas Song


Levi Roots Releases Reggae Christmas Song

Sauce creator, entrepreneur and restaurant owner Levi Roots has released his very own Christmas single: Reggae Reggae Christmas.

The creator of Reggae Reggae Sauce, Levi shot to fame following his appearance on Dragon’s Den in 2006 and is now hoping to secure a hit this Christmas with his very own festive song.

Written and produced by Jason Brooks at Beat Street Studio in Leeds, the track features Levi on lead vocals, his band The Source and backing vocals from the Grammar School at Leeds’ choir.
Levi Roots said: “Christmas is my favourite time of year and I can’t believe there has never before been a hit reggae Christmas song. Growing up in Jamaica, Christmas was always a special time for music, family and good food, all key parts of the Caribbean culture, and my track brings all of these elements together. I hope everyone loves Reggae Reggae Christmas as much as I do and that it helps to inject some colour and fun into festivities across Britain this Christmas.

Watch the Reggae Reggae Christmas video here: