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Levi Roots

Levi's story begins in a tiny little village in Clarendon, Jamaica. As a young boy, Levi helped his grandmother in the kitchen. She taught him the secrets and subtleties of mixing Caribbean flavours, herbs and spices. During this time, Levi also discovered his love for music at the church his grandmother sung at.
While Levi lived with his grandparents in Jamaica his parents were in Brixton working hard so that Levi and his five older siblings could move to England. Every year they would send for another child from the eldest to the youngest. Eventually it was Levi’s turn to leave Jamaica.
In London Levi went to school for the first time and also visited the Notting Hill Carnival,
Little did he know that he would later have his own stall at the festival selling the Reggae Reggae Sauce that would make him his fortune!
For years Levi made the sauce from his kitchen in Brixton with the help of his seven children, selling his overwhelmingly popular sauce out of bag on his back.
At 1991's Notting Hill Carnival Levi created a fusion between the food he was cooking and the music he was playing, opening the ‘Rasta’raunt', which was so popular it is now an annual fixture at Carnival. Despite the sauce's popularity it took another 16 years of rejection from banks and businesses to invest in the product who thought it looked and sounded "too black".
In 2006, Levi was spotted at the World Food Market by a BBC researcher and invited to appear on the programme Dragons’ Den. Levi had never even heard of the show, and went home to his kids asking them what Dragons’ Den was. They begged him not to appear saying; Dad, don't go on that show, they'll just tear you to pieces!
Although he was doubtful about the programme, Levi’s mother encouraged him to come back as a 'Dragon Slayer'. Levi put his faith in Reggae Reggae Sauce to win over those fiery Dragons
The sauce was an instant hit. In exchange for a 40% stake in his business, he secured the support of millionaire ‘Dragons’, Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh for £50,000. Peter Jones helped to get the sauce listed by Sainsbury's, turning the dream into a reality.
Levi's success has been nothing short of a whirlwind and he has even been invited by Prime Ministers to no.10 in recognition of his notable success as a black man in Britain attaining financial achievement through enterprise. Levi equates his success to putting himself into the product.
Levi's main focus has been to promote the Reggae Reggae brand and the message it symbolizes. 'I want to spread the word that if a black Brixtonian Rastafarian can make it with just a sauce, then you can make it too.'
The Levi Roots range continues to grow with Caribbean inspired cooking sauces, ready meals, soft drinks, pasties and more. Numerous high profile restaurant chains have signed deals with Levi to use the sauce on their menus including Wetherspoons and other high street franchises
Levi hosted his debut series 'Caribbean Food Made Easy’ in which Levi aimed to make the vibrant tastes and healthy ingredients of Caribbean food more accessible. Following the success of Levi's Reggae Reggae cookbook in 2008, he has released numerous high quality books.
As well as cooking Levi continues to fulfill his passion for credible roots music and he has recently completed his latest studio album 'Red Hot' with its catchy summer single ‘So Out Of My Mind’ Levi’s Reggae Reggae Sauce CD is also still available with every penny going to Comic Relief.
With seemingly endless possibilities for the popular Levi Roots brand, Levi continues to bring the sunshine of the Caribbean to all of his ventures while popularizing the spicy flavours of his Jamaican heritage….Always focused and ever motivated Levi Roots remains true to his inspired mantra of success, ‘Put some music in your food!'