Lee 'Scratch' Perry ADD

Lee Scratch Perry - Science, Magic, Logic

Lee Scratch Perry - Science, Magic, Logic


Release date: 04/21/2017


01. Negril
02. Upsettin Power Station
03. Show Me The Way to the Black Ark
04. Curse Evil (Most of the Dreads a Joke)
05. Fireball come down from Heaven
06. Me & Raffaele
07. Miserable Satan
08. Science, Magic, Logic
09. Science, Magic, Logic (Dub)
10. Voo Dem
11. Tales of the Unknown
12. Only One God


It's a thin line between genius and madness, they say, and no Reggae artist verifies this phrase as much as Mr. Lee "Scratch" Perry. Despite his impressive age of 81, the singer/ producer/ artist/ painter is as active and creative as ever. Mere seven ...

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