KushArt ADD


KushArt is a Ska, Rocksteady, Roots Reggae Harmony Trio, with emphasis on conscious Rasta
Joel „Kush“ Brown formed the group KushArt officially in 1979 in Trenchtown, but the three have been making music together since 1974.The group was inspired by the rising conscious of The Wailers, The Mighty Diamonds, and veteran Larry Marshall.
Joel “Kush” Brown and Anthony Feurtado, were also members of the legendary Studio One recording group called. The Silvertones. They had their farewell in 2017.

In the 80's, KushArt released their debut single -Years To Come- (called also Year 2000) on the Food, Clothes & Shelter Label. The single has received encouraging airplay on local radio stations and has attracted international acclaim via international airplay. Already, the catchy phrase has everyone chanting in harmony:
Where You Wanna Be? Who You Wanna Be? Years To Come.

The Album -Time-, was released in the 80's on the Food, Clothes & Shelter label and re-released in 2020 on Fawud Production Label, with two feature tracks from the same period. Joel Kush Brown wrote most of the songs on the -Time- debut album including the title track with the same name.

KushArt performed at the ROTOTOM Sunsplash Festival (2017 and 2019 in Spain), at Reggae Jam Festival (2017 and 2019 in Germany ), at Reggae Geel (2019 in Belgium ), at Bagnols Festival (2019 in France), in Sao Paulo (2018 in Brazil), at Yaam in Berlin and many Clubs in Europe and Jamaica.
In August 2019, KushArt was invited to Reggae University at the ROTOTOM Sunsplash Festival. The reason for this was their ROCKERS Show Concept.

Together with Gabriele Brown, the KushArt members are the founders of the ROCKERS show concept..The premiere of the unique show performance was in Brazil in 2018, with great success. In 2019 KushArt went with the ROCKERS show concept on Europe Tour.
The ROCKERS show concept is not the only show concept in which the KushArt Group are Co- Founders, they are also the Co-Founders of the Vintage Allstars show concept. It includes groups like The Silvertones, The Heptones, KushArt and Elin Brown. They went on Europe Tour in 2017.

KushArt was nominated in France for "Best International Reggae Groupe" of the year 2021.

Joel “Kush”, Anthony and Barrington are members of the German non profit association called “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”. This Organization supports Jamaican Reggae Foundation Artists in need.. A special event called Action for Charity, was held in September 2016 in Kingston Jamaica, with live stream to Oberhausen, in Germany.and in 2017 and 2019 in Essen, Germany, with a live performance of the KushArt group. The last Kushart Charity performance backed by the PaToPa Band was in 2021 in Essen.

The KushArt group are members of the show concept "Legends Of Harmonie”. Together with, Leroy Sibbles (The Heptones), Tabby Diamond (The Mighty Diamonds) and Cetric Myton (Congos). They will present the original Jamaican harmony vocal style
Right now the Group working on their new Albums, -Reggaetation- in collaboration with the PaToPa Band and the -Love Only Love Love- in collaboration with the Positive Thursdays Band . Furthermore 5 singles will be released soon.

The Trio share not only musical talent, they are practicing visual arts as well. All three KushArt members studied Music and Visual Art at Edna Manley Collage.
KushArt, did several exhibitions, locally and internationally. Persons like, Fidel Castro, US Ambassador, Don Bridgewater, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Frazer-Pryce, Portia Simson Miller, and many more, own an Artwork from KushArt.