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KnoLij Tafari

Lij O’Reggio born on September 2,1992, better known by his stage name KnoLij Tafari is a Jamaican Reggae Artist from Kingston Jamaica. He lived in Marvaley, Drewsland and presently Glendale and went to The Tarrant High School. He has a one year old daughter by the name of Imami O’Reggio. He is from an ethiopian roots and background. Lij O’Reggio is the grandson of Leo Oreggio aka “Big Daddy”.

The name Lij was given to him by his mother which means “Prince of Peace” and is the first name of the Emperor Haille Selassie. While growing up Lij wanted to be a Cricketer as that was his favourite sport as a child. He then developed a passion for reggae music and started singing at the age of 18.

He taught skank dancing at the Merl Grove High School For Girls a year later. His first single entitled “Raggamuffin in Love” was produced Drew Stewart of Muzic House Productions in March 2017 .