Kirk Diamond ADD

Kirk Diamond x Finn - Dread

Kirk Diamond x Finn - Dread

DIGITAL RELEASE [Gold Era Music & The Movement of Ahryel]

Release date: 10/06/2023


01. As I Would Say
02. Dread
03. Dread At The Kontrol 
04. Trooper (Interlude)
05. Dub Rub
06. Need You In My Life
07. Reggae Party feat. Kairo McLean
08. Trooper (Interlude II)
09. Raggamuffin
10. Bring It Good feat. Tiffanie Malvo
11. Rub-A-Dub Luv
12. Trinity feat. Lord Fury

Featured artists

Kairo McLean


"How important are the dreadlocks?" "Yeah, this is my identity. You dig weh mi ah say?" Bob Marley's answer to the question asked by Dylan Taite in their 1979 interview in New Zealand forms the intro to a new album called Dread coming to us all the ...

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