Kim Nain ADD

Kim Nain

Known for her melodious lyrics and formidable flow, musician, singer and songwriter Kim Nain cultivated her prowess to deliver her newest single dubbed “Music And Me”, arranged to showcase the fluidity of her vocal range whilst fusing influences from ’90s Reggae and Dancehall music with a twist of modern Dancehall.

The perfect follow up from her earlier 2017 track “Up And Down”. Being introduced to the flashing lights from a tender age, Kim Nain revels in the spotlight and is a natural on the center stage. She effortlessly can move from different genres of music and her voice does justice to whichever variety is selected.

Celebrated for her fresh, organic and pulsating style, her lyrics are injected with her coy, playful persona, which leaves the listener sated, amped yet still wanting more. The young independent artist is well poised to explode locally and overseas as she continues to impress audiences, label representatives & concert promoters from the United States, Europe and Africa.

On the heels of successful performances in Europe, Kim Nain is now becoming the most sought after live act. Major projects under her belt include releases by California-based EDM group Bad Royale from Mad Decent, Holland’s EDM craze Team Rush Hour, Greek producer Alex Antaeus and Jamaican-based producers DizTroy (Dale “Dizzle” Virgo and Troy Baker), as well as achieving Top 20 placement in a few European Charts with collaboration with Natel and Mr. Vegas, “Sweat”.