Kenyatta Fire ADD

Kenyatta Fire

Known for his signature song and music video “The Nearest Tide”, Jamaican artiste and former child prodigy Kenyatta Fire has become the most current influential reggae acts around the world. His artistic style and abilities defines the next generation of musical talents and compositions.
Born on December 29, 1984, in Kingston, Jamaican, singer, songwriter, cinematographer, 3d graphic designer, film editor, camera operator and script writer Kenyatta Fire was fond of the arts and sports and would always strive to be the best. Kenyatta also showed an early gift for music and in his mid-teens, he began to write and it easily transitioned into singing. With his musical abilities beginning to flourish, Kenyatta went on to university and acquired his B.S. in Civil Structural Engineering but this was the least of his accomplishments as he was determined to make an impact with his musical talent also so singing at local lounges cemented his musical mission in life and prepared him for his greatest works ever. It wasn’t long after that he began honing his talents in the filming industry whilst attracting major industry figures and influences to his projects. A long awaited but destined outcome.
To Kenyatta, music is as natural as breathing. When he adds his voice to a song, it is sure to be a bold and purposeful hit. His vocals are smooth, powerful, sultry and has what many call a neo-soul reggae flavor to it.
To add to his musical abilities, he introduces almost every time a timeless music video for the viewing public. The very popular and more famed piece titled “The Nearest Tide”. This musical composition was written and voiced by Kenyatta in early 2015, and the music video was scripted, filmed and edited by Kenyatta also. It has become an instant viral hit. The video portrayed the artiste as a Jamaican astronaut who is on a return mission back to earth which a few mainstream stations such as MTV had picked up and accepted for airing immediately. It had a successful viewing of over 100,000 views the first week on the programs website.  It also became a popular hit on the famed American social media website World Star Hip-Hop where Kenyatta’s music video was the only reggae act being showcased.
Fans alike have commented on the quality of his video productions being nothing short of what they see in mainstream pop culture, VH1, MTV or BET. His versatility in front and behind the camera and in post edit shows his standard of quality being above the rest and he clearly dominates video production in the region. Receiving multiple requests every week for collaborations and personal visual and music video projects of other artistes has become a norm for Kenyatta.
His catalogue can be basically considered as a ‘melting pot’ of genres – mixed all together yet the finish product ends up as a timeless piece of art work. Soulful. Sensual. Genuine, Mainstream. Creative, these are five words that can be used to describe his works. Each of the tracks will provide the listener with a unique and refreshing listening experience. Each of his videos has a signature style of being a modern, mainstream and live wide angle shots merged with 3d graphic animation.  We caught up with Kenyatta to see what his most recent project is and what was in the pipeline for 2015.
“Well I have a never ending task of creating new songs, keeping current, filming and designing my videos.  Now its 2015 and I will surely release these art forms ofwhich I’m very happy for the fans. I’m giving the masses a show this year of both audio and visual. My most recent songs The Nearest Tide and Keep Off Your Enemies has been getting a lot of appreciation and regular rotation on radio which I am grateful for. These lyrics are a representation of everyday emotions and experiences and it’s always good to know you are making some type of progress in whatever you do. I will never stop singing nor filming for a greater cause and to get people moving on their feet, hearts and soul”
Kenyatta has been called a genius and the archetypal renaissance artiste. His talents inarguably extend far beyond his artistic works. Like many musical pioneers and legends he doesn’t see a divide between music and art