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Junior Dread


Borned and raised in the gueto of Vila Guilherme in São Paulo, Brazil. Carlos Almeida Jr. "aka" Junior Dread represent the new generation of counscious reggae music worldwilde.

His music brings the positive message of love and "overstanding" to the world. He made tours at Japan, Germany, Austrália, New Zealand, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain, London and all over Brasil spreading the "Word Sound Power" Culture.

Junior Dread is about to release his first official album in Brasil and another projects for the international market with the jamaican producer Donsome from Donsome Records, Riff Raff ( producer of Raging Fya, Busy Signal, Stephen marley...) Plus he´s about to release more vinyls alongside Dub Stuy Records from New York, Moonshine records, ZamZam records and many more.

Junior Dread have many singles released all over the world with artists like Mungos Hi Fi(Scotland), Dubateers(UK), Chingy(Hip-hop artist from USA) and Chop Chop (Jamaica). On 2014 Junior Dread is featured on "Gorgon Sound" vinyl 12' EP with the track call "Rise". He's featured on the "Reggae Aroma" Mixtape Vol.3 mixed by Dj Yaadcore hostess of the "Reggae Aroma Show" on Hot 102Fm (Jamaica) and the official dj of Protoje.

Now he's about to release his first album to the brazilian market call "Saiba viver" produced by A-Basa (Earth Like Music) and co-produced by Junior Marvin, guitarrist of Bob Marley and The Wailers. On July 2016 he played in New York alongside Dub Stuy Soundsystem and on Setember he went on tour at Europe playing on Portugal, Spain, Czech Republic, Scotland and London.