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Juhst Enoch

Juhst Enoch, emerging roots reggae artist, released his first album titled "7th Seal" August 15 2013 on Jah Youth Productions label, which debuted at #61 in the iTunes Top Reggae Album charts alongside some of the biggest names in the industry! Currently working on his second album titled "Ancient Weighs", due out Year Of InI Lord 2014.

As life presented itself in it’s fullest of variety, the artist has sought to bring truth and justice by accepting opportunities of “walking the walk”. Enoch has proven he is ready to infiltrate the system of corruption in Mind to balance the scales within.

And music is the venture that Enoch feels will help him to best accomplish those goals.

Engaged in the love of music since a youth, the artist later found himself more seriously drawn to songwriting and Rastafari after a spiritual experience had a profound effect on his perspective of reality. Jah soon began to form a foundation that would be the bedrock of his own word, sound, power.

That foundation is allowed a place to flourish on the artist’s debut album, 7th Seal, and finds its strength in Haile Selassie I, as well as the influence of the artist’s musical muses, ranging from Bob Marley and Midnite to the Wu-Tang Clan and Immortal Technique. His music encourages people to stand firm and look deeper within themselves for the answers they seek, keeping the tone relevant and real, while not being pigeonholed into a mold for the masses. His heart exists to expose the games of the ego-based mind set, tapping into body emotions while engaging, and dare we say it, bending the mind.

For Enoch, that change of heart and mind comes through lyrics that juxtapose the seriousness of life together with a playful sense of humor. Realizing that a spoonful of sugar helps the proverbial medicine go down, Enoch uses his art as a tool and as an act of praise, encouraging others to enter into a raw, deep and honest area of consciousness, surrounded by a broad range of styles stemming from reggae and the hip-hop realm. You can hear the conviction of his experience with the system but are encouraged by the artist’s forward statements about the establishment and the path of the Rasta or any Truth seeker, emboldened by the positive solutions found within that help to keep the mind and body balanced.

And, in the long run, that’s the power of Juhst Enoch’s music.

“Like Bob says, when it hits, you feel no pain,” shares the artist. “It opens a part of the soul that seems locked away within the personality and all of its boxes.”