Javaughn ADD


Javaughn is considered a child prodigy in Reggae music, so much so that he has been fondly labeled as “Javaughn Genius.”

 Although in his early teens, Javaughn already masters three instruments (keyboards, drums and bass guitar), has years of stage experience (both locally and internationally), and is armed with the resounding vocals and sound confidence that have landed him a record deal with the Marley’s Tuff Gong/ Ghetto Youths Label.

With his father being a musician, music teacher, songwriter and singer, it seems Javaughn’s destiny was etched in stone before he was even born. His father recounts memories of playing his own instruments and singing to Javaughn’s pregnant mother, and recalls some healthy kicks from baby Javaughn in response to the music.

 Born in Portland, Jamaica in 1992, at age two, Javaughn started playing around with the keyboard, and three years later started playing the drums and bass guitar. He describes the situation as; “It was never hard for me because talent runs in the family, it was just natural.”

 By the time he was four, Javaughn’s exposure started from his singing with the Sensation Band from Port Antonio, where he rose rapidly as a child star. He moved around in musical circles and did regular Sunday night stints at the Dragon Bay Hotel in Port Antonio, as well as other hotels along the coast. These gigs only stepped up his reputation as a solid cultural singer, and soon, word spread about his talent and he was being booked for some of Jamaica’s major concerts. The list includes Sting in 1999, East Fest in 2003, Stars R Us, Welcome To Jamrock, and consecutive years at the Bob Marley Tribute Concert in St Ann. He has even traveled overseas to perform at UNIFEST in Miami in 2004, and at other shows in New York.

 Expectedly, with the early talent comes exposure. Thanks to his association with Junie Star of Prime Time Entertainment, he and his father were introduced to the Marley family. The meeting instantly bore fruit, as the Marley’s spotted the talent and gave a listening ear. Before long, he started working with the Ghetto Youths production entity, developing more range in his vocals, and learning the rudiments of recording. The studio and stage work has been steady since joining the unit. He has completed a 10 track album entitled, SuperStar that is scheduled for a November 20th, 2007 release under the Tuff Gong/ Ghetto Youths Banner.

 Javaughn’s life expectedly gets hectic, but his father insists he does school work to complement his music. He attends Fair Prospect High (Grade 10) and has been playing these instruments in the school band since he entered the school, and seems set to do so up until he graduates. He enjoys playing football, building rhythms on his computer and watching television in his spare time. “I haven’t had any major challenges yet in the business, Javaughn explains. The best thing about my life so far is working on the album. Outside of everything though, I’m just a normal person.”

 In five years, he sees himself walking to a podium, and collecting his own Grammy award, then entering production afterwards. He has used his own words as a guide in life: “You can make it as long as you have talent. You will have producers looking out for them, so just try.”