Jampara & The Batalion ADD

Jampara & The Batalion

The band started getting shape at the end of '93, Jampara and Aston ‘Familyman' Barett, the leader of the legendary Wailers, started talking about forming a new reggeaband. Soon Jampara was looking for a bass player, and was lucky to find one in the form of Robby Skipper. The Batalion as a band was born.


Originally the band existed of five people, Ras Jampara as the lead singer and solo guitar, Robby Skipper on bass guitar and as ‘chief in command', Captain Anthony rhythm guitar, Professor Moha on drums and War Watanga as the lead guitarist. Now the Batalion performs mostly with 8 to 10 musicians, with changing additions to the core of the band. The Batalions first gig was a double bill with Burning Spear at the Paradiso in Amsterdam (Netherlands) in 1995.


Jampara and the Batalion went to Jamaica to record their first album called Free like a bird. This album was released in 1999 and established the Batalion as a good, international roots reggae band and it earned them recognition and respect.


Batalion is truly fire in the wire …