Jamie Irie ADD

Jamie Irie

Jamie was born and brought up in the multi-cultural heart of Gloucester, England. As a child he listened to Big Youth, Tappa Zukie and Mighty Diamonds. Also being friends with the likes of Daddy Freddy, Tenafly, Sir Coxson HIFI. and Ivan O Campbell from Severn Sound radio (R.I.P) was a massive influence and helped grow his love of Jamaican dancehall and Reggae music.......... He soon began singing and writing his own Reggae and dancehall songs and eventually began working with some of the top names in New York & Jamaica touring and doing stage shows including a stint DJ’ing with Shaggy, Elephantman, Ninjahman, Buju Banton, Chuck Fender and singing on the Mighty Stone Love sound & Bodyguard sound many times. The list could go on and on...... Jamie worked and released tunes with the likes of Jamaican producer superstar Sly Dunbar on the Sonic Sound Label and also Computer Paul, 7 17 Marshal [Mr Fender], Don One in New York, and even worked with heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson’s label Iron Mike. Jamie Irie achieved chart hits with “M16” and “Sweet Sensimilla” with Gigsy King. Jamie spent time touring in the U.S.A recording music and living in Kingston in the area of 13 in the heart of Kingston, touring Jamaica doing shows & also shooting videos and doing P.As. Jamie also appeared on Jamaica’s CMTV and cable. Jamie is now working with top reggae band, “HOUSE OF RIDDIM” and is running his own label Saysell Music. Watch this space....... JAMIE IRIE is working with top reggae band HOUSE OF RIDDIM and RCOLA top jungle and D and B producer from CANADA .at the very moment on a EP called KINGSTON 13 and will have some new releases this year and a tour to follow.look out for him