Jahcoustix ADD


It all started in east Africa, in Nairobi, Kenya in 1992 where Jahcoustix found the music that would give his life a clear musical direction: Reggae. Spending most of his youth days in African countries, Jahcoustix was fascinated by the African people and their positive attitude towards life thus living in severe poverty.   As a sheltered teenager, he saw himself confronted with a burning interest in the african culture and its music. As a child Jahcoustix spent many years in Mexico, Liberia and New York before moving to Kenya and Egypt. In Kenya he spent his free time wandering through the downtown streets of Nairobi, where he would get his first contacts to Rastafarians and to reggae Music. Bands like Israel Vibration, Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Culture would later have a great impact on his world view.   Inspired by the spiritual background of the Rasta culture Jahcoustix writes his first poems and starts playing guitar. After having spent 15 years abroad, he returns to Germany in 1998 and dedicates his music to a genre that knows neither skin colours, genres nor ideological limitations. On this new chapter Jahcoustix meets his band Dubios Neighbourhood and together they grow to become a strong unit. The debut album "Souljahstice" (2003) enriched the flourishing German Reggae scene with a modern roots Reggae Flair. Jahcoustix..s solo Debut “Colourblind” was published by Virgin Records in 2004 and raised the level of awareness beyond the local reggae Scene.   In the coming 2 years Jahcoustix toured in the USA and Canada, played his first shows in Portugal, Italy and Slovenia and was invited to play at the famous Jazz festival in Montreux. The current Album "Grounded" was released in october 2006 and in 2007 Jahcoustix joined german Reggae Star “Gentleman” supporting him on his european Tour.   In 2008 Jahcoustix released his new CD (an acoustic live recording which evolved from a side project) and went on tour in France, supporting Dub Incorporation and Tiken Jah Fakoly. Combined with energetic live performances and the love for music, Jahcoustix has by now become known all over Europe. With a promising symbiosis of Roots and acoustic Reggae it is his aim to spread positive vibes and his music to people all over the world.