Jah Vinci ADD

Jah Vinci

To visualize success is to awaken talents, skills, determination and the drive needed to achieve that success. Bringing that image to life requires action and commitment; a concept this young strong talented Jamaican male Andre Rhoden aka Jah Vinci knows all too well. Phenomenal, powerful, riveting, are just a few ways to describe Jah Vinci. Jah Vinci has the amazing gift of capturing the beautiful exotic island rhythms and cultural music of Jamaica. His velvet sounds will undoubtedly withstand the wear and tear of the brutal sands of time that has ravaged so many artiste of similar ilk.

Andre Rhoden chose the stage name Jah Vinci because it was reflective of his divine gift of song and his creative genius that reveals itself in his lyrics. Jah Vinci was born in August Town, Kingston, Jamaica. He grew up in a musical family of six. Music was always a part of his life as both parents were singers. Jah Vinci grew up in church and it was here that his talent was discovered. He used the church as his training ground for writing songs and performing at large church events. Jah Vinci’s life was touched by tragedy when he lost a brother to a violent crime in 2005. He has used this tragedy as motivation to creating a better life for him and his family through his music. Andre is the proud father of his daughter, Shenequa Rhoden.

For many years Jah Vinci struggled to launch his music career, with no success. He then met Adija Palmer aka Vybz Kartel (a prominent artist at the time) who invested in his talent and provided the financial support he needed to launch his career. Jah Vinci made hits such as: "Naa Stop Search Until I Find", "In My Life", "Mama Love" and "Rocka My Baby". He has also collaborated with several artists and top producers. Despite launching a successful career Jah Vinci wasn’t satisfied with the direction his career was going. He wanted to make music that not only made his fans feel good but positively inspire, uplift and motivate them. He therefore, separated him self from the Gaza empire (headed By Vybz Kartel) and went on to start his own Brand–Out Clear Movement. He has since Embarked on being an ambassador for positive change in the inner cities of Jamaica and by extension the entire world using his music.

Currently, he has a brand new and vibrant managements team. He also works with a number of young artists as he intends to give others the opportunity that he was given. Jah Vinci is very pleased with the direction in which his life is going and is of the view that he is really living his dream.