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Jah Screechy

Jah Screechy is one of the most sampled, in-demand and respected sound system MCs on the circuit. His intelligent rhyming lyrics are rooted in the authentic Jamaican Reggae tradition of both entertaining and socially conscious empowering songs.

After having moved from Jamaica to London as a child in the 1960-s, young Screechy experienced a culture and climate shock - and racism for the first time in his life. As a teenager his love of music paved the way into London’s lively sound system scene and he humbly started with a little known sound system called Black Lion. Then in 1981 he joined Sir Coxsone, learning his trade on the mic but also finding a new kind of family. Eventually, Screechy found himself touring the whole of the UK and parts of Europe and taking part in some of the biggest sound system clashes with Fatman, King Tubby’s, Jah Shaka, Saxon Sound, Java - to name a few. Jah Screechy has been so fortunate to work with superstar artists such as Willie Williams, Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul, Sugar Minott, Nitty Gritty, Johnny Clarke, Lone Ranger - to name a few.

In 1984 whilst on the microphone to a ram filled crowd at the Peoples Club in London, Screechy dropped the 'Walk and Skank’ lyrics on the mic. This breakthrough track took the Dancehall scene by storm, becoming an anthem. It continues to sell worldwide and has achieved status as a Reggae Dancehall classic.

Since then, Screechy has worked with numerous producers and has been performing all over Europe and beyond. The mentoring of young vocalists and musicians internationally is an affair of the heart.
In 2020 Jah Screechy founded his label „Wha Gwaan Records“ with „Whine Girls Whine“ being his first tune published on it. He is currently working on a collaboration with Soom T and on his first album - a unique collection of exciting up-to-date and timeless topics, musically bridging the gap between old school and new school.