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J Written

Born January 18, 1994, Jason ‘Written’ Rasheed Wright was destined for musical prowess from a young age.

Growing up with his mother, father, and two sisters, life for Written was blighted by financial instability and constant moving around various areas of Kingston, Jamaica. “I was unable to socialize with my peers because of my parent’s fear of negative influence,” says Written.

“I was forced to stay inside the house with my sisters. This is how I found out writing and reading was an easy way to escape. I would write daily journals and personal articles on the wall of my homes.”

Writing poems, speeches and essays helped sharpen the tools he uses today. He joined the debate

team at his high school Bridgeport High, which gave him the confidence he needed to stand in front of a crowd, trying to move the crowd with words, sounds and power.

He later discovered a talent for dance even forming a squad at the age of 16. The troupe known as the ACEZ Dancers took Kingston by a storm...