Hussla D ADD

Hussla D

Hussla D: UK based DJ Producer who explores a wide range of music styles and genres but interoperates them through his reggae ear, creating reggae fusion styled music.

Hussla has many years in music from the tender age of 11 using his fathers record collection (which dated back to 1960s Ska and Rock Steady) to build his own sound system 'Jah Troopers' in the late 1990s, which grew to become a household name in reggae across the UK.

This is where he gained a lot of his music skills, techniques and creative approach to producing; creating unique remixes, working with a list of top reggae artists writing and recording exclusive dub plates/specials and performing DJ sets to a wide range of audiences.

Honing in on these skills Hussla has embarked on his DJ producer journey producing new artists as well as working with other producers.

His debut song marking the evolvement of this project is 'Skanking In The Dancehall' which features legendary Jamaican producer Lloyd 'King Jammy' James