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Ghetto Priest

Ghetto Priest is one of the most flamboyant and creative performers to have emerged from the UK Reggae scene.

He honed his vocal talents and artistic persona around the sound system dances of the early 80s, before beginning his illustrious recording career. In 2004 Ghetto Priest released his critically acclaimed debut album with producer Adrian Sherwood (On U Sound), titled “Vulture Culture”. He then went on to record lead vocals for Dub / Punk / Rock outfit Asian Dub Foundation on their hit album ‘Enemy of the enemy”, and "TANK" touring the globe as the front man of the group, captivating audiences with his powerful vocals and mystical stage presence.

Ghetto Priests vocal presence can also be found exchanging energy with producer/composer Ben Watkins(Juno Reactor), on the album "God & Monsters". He is currently working on his latest album ‘Sacred Ground’ with producer Adrian Sherwood, backed by the legendary Dub Syndicate band.

This is scheduled for released in Spring 2011, coin- ciding with the 30th Anniversary of the On U Sound imprint. Ghetto Priest posses a raw energy and emotion un-matched by many artists of this generation and while constantly pushing at the boundaries of Roots music, his style strongly maintains the essence of his Jamaican heritage.