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Franz Job

Even though Franz Job has only two official solo albums to his name (Babylon Is Dead and I Love London, both under his own Country Boyz Foundation label), the artist has a catalogue of work that more than justifies his ability to write and play.

Franz is British born, with a German name and West Indian parentage... a struggle for identity and recognition in itself half the time, but also a blend of man and sound that often grabs attention. His Grandparents raised him up in their native, Charlotteville, a picturesque countryside town in the East of Tobago (Trinidad and Tobago), and the place where he would learn to recite poems and play the guitar. Like a host of other things in his life, Franz broke out into singing later, after producing and playing on countless recordings with friends in London.

He even rubbed shoulders with UK Producers, P*Nut and Rollo Armstrong, who featured him on the Hip Hop album, Sweet As... and on Fatty Boo, a Reggae number on the platinum selling Forever Faithless - The Greatest Hits album. Today, he is nicknamed "Country Boy", an ode to popular songs like The Country Boy Song, [We come from] Country, the nostalgic Leave Babylon and island favourite, Tobago. We believe the best is yet to come. Stay tuned...