Exco Levi ADD

Exco Levi - Country Man

Exco Levi - Country Man

DIGITAL RELEASE [Penthouse Records]

Release date: 03/17/2015


01. My Life Story
02. Country Man
03. City Life
04. One Room Shack
05. One Suit
06. Suffering Man
07. Call On His Name
08. El Shaddai feat. Jahmali
09. Since I Throw The Comb Away
10. Natty Haffi Long
11. Loneliness My Story
12. Under My Sheet
13. Storms Of Life
14. Life In The Factory
15. Get It In Your Head feat. Romain Virgo
16. Youth Dem So Violent
17. Badness No Wear Pon Face
18. General In Penitentiary feat. Michael Rose
19. Letter To Jah

Featured artists

Mykal Rose / Romain Virgo / Jahmali


I still maintain my roots as a rural country man,Exco Levi proclaims on My Life Story, the opening track of his new album, Country Man, but Levi maintains his roots on many levels, probably best exemplified by his choice of profession. Reggae ...

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