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Album Review: Dub Inc - Millions


by Gardy Stein

Album Review: Dub Inc - Millions

Holding the flag high for francophone Reggae, Dub Inc have contributed innovative music and electrifying performances throughout the 20odd years of their existence. Aurélien "Komlan" Zohou and Hakim "Bouchkour" Meridja, the signature vocalists of the formation, have found their very own, very unique style of singing and composing, and the plethora of fine musicians they work with have always managed to provide the necessary rhythms they ride. Grégory "Zigo" Mavridorakis (drums & percussions), Jérémie Grégeois (guitar), Moritz "DaBaron" Von Korff (bass), Frédéric Peyron (keyboards & accordeon), Idir Derdiche (keyboard) and Benjamin Jouve (sound engineer) as well as the lead singers now invite us to become a part of their most recent sonic adventure called Millions.

The 14 tracks included were recorded in their own studio in Saint Étienne and will appeal to all long-time fans of the band, as they are 100% Dub Inc: driving beats, charismatic vocals and conscious lyrics make the album a worthy successor of their 2016 release So What. Their approach is, again, a serious one. Politics, current world affairs and injustices are picked up and framed into words that are far from genre-typical contributions. No repetitive Ganja tune, no happy-clappy beach- or party-songs, no overly devout praises - their focus is a different one!

With the powerful On Est Ensemble, the album is off to a great start. A rallying call for all those who defy injustices of the system they live in, it reassures the rebels, manual workers and poverty-stricken citizens that we are together in this. The rather average instrumental of Couleur is made exceptional by the guitar pattern so sentimentally woven into the tune's body. It talks about arbitrary borders into which countries are confined, and how it doesn't matter what colour you are - we all are made to shine!

Dans Ta Ville captivates us with the raw vocals of Komlan, contrasted with Bouchkour's high-pitched singing and rapping. To be honest, the two of them are a bit too fast-paced for me to understand everything they are talking about, but I can picture the raised arms waving left to right in unison once they bring this song to the stages.

Expressing the painful experience of growing up in unfamiliar surroundings without a father, À Tort Ou À Raison opens another sound dimension by Massa Dembele's play of the kora. This practice of incorporating the world's sounds into their music is one of the many reasons that make Dub Inc so fascinating, another example of this fact being Chaâbi. The track contains four additional instruments: a Banjo, played by Kati Didine, a Mandole played by Alaoua Idir, Violon by Caroline Cuzin-Rambaud as well as Derbourka & Bendir played by Rabah Khalfa. Coupled with the plaintive vocals of Bouchkour, singing in his native tongue Kabyle, this track is a sonic experience you should make sure to dive into with full attention!

The title track now... a harsh critisism of the ruling elite who deal with thousands and Millions of Euro that are invisible to the rest of the world, it captures the spirit of the album, advocating for an intelligent resistance, for a culture of well-informed people who know what's going on and act accordingly, instead of just repeating slogans blasted out by others.

Celebrating all that is natural, Authentique takes a stand against plastic eyes and mechanic gestures on a fast-paced, almost Dancehallish beat. Loosen up and dance to this!

Only feature of the album, Million Stylez joins forces with the two singers to deliver My Bro', a trilingual piece talking to us in English, French and Arabic. Special mention deserves the Dub version of this tune, carrying the handwriting of Guido Craveiro, who was responsible for the album mix.

Acoustic on the onset, Inès is a masterpiece of composition, developing an interesting, captivating song-structure. It takes a while for this energy to unload, but when, at 3:25, the drums kick in, the moment is there.

With A La Fois, Nos Armes and Fake News, the thematic scope is broadened still before the final En Nous closes this new chapter in the band's history. Further artists involved in the album's creation are Didier Bolay, who played additional trombone and trumpet, as well as Guillaume "Stepper" Briard (saxophone) and Justin Kasereka, who did the cover art. Why, do you think, it shows a gorilla? Please leave a comment below to come up with an explanation!

In any case, Millions is a piece of work you shouldn't miss if you are open for the different routes Reggae takes around the world.

Release details

Dub Inc - Millions

Dub Inc - Millions


Release date: 09/27/2019


01. On Est Ensemble
02. Couleur
03. Dans Ta Ville
04. À Tort Ou À Raison
05. À La Fois
06. Chaâbi
07. Millions
08. Authentique
09. Nos Armes
10. My Bro feat. Million Stylez
11. My DUb
12. Fake News
13. Inès
14. En Nous

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