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Dub à la Pub

Dub à la pub are 9 musicians from a very diverse background. Augsburg/Germany 2006/2007 they have created a very unique musical style – combining reggae, dub, ska, hip-hop, funk, and world music and therefore breaking the boundaries of music genres. The band perceives music as a gift and has successfully shared their songs and shows with people of all ages throughout the German speaking region. Their shows always guarantee positive vibes and dancing feet. In June 2011 dub à la pub won the European Reggae Contest by convincing the jury and thousands of people at the European Live Finals in Barcelona. The prize is a tour of Europe’s greatest Reggae Festivals, such as Rototom Festival in Spain, Sardinia Reggae Festival, Mighty Vibes Festival, Reggae Geel, Reggae Sun Ska Festival, Fest in het Park, Reeds Festival,Foundation Reggae Festival , The Plein-Les-Festival and Summerjam in Cologne. The lyrics of their lead singer reggaekeggae (British and German citizen) often reflect on the dilemma of modern Western society: a guilty conscience haunts the children of wealth and prosperity since its foundation is built on exploitation and pollution of our beautiful world. Social awareness is growing amongst young people all around the world and dub à la pub represents this process.
Have no fear, dub à la pub is here!