Dotta Coppa ADD

Dotta Coppa

An exciting fresh talent from Jamaica, bursting with loads of talent and fiery rhymes is a pretty young artist who is becoming well-known around Jamaica, goes by the name of - Dotta Coppa.

His real name Marlon Morsby was born in St. Mary, 1989 and raised in Kingston. His musical journey was influenced by his eldest brother from his early childhood. A former Papine High School student, Coppa is following his musical dream. While living in Kingston, Dotta Coppa balanced himself and kept out of the dangers of gang involvement so he could fully focus on his music. In 2008, Dotta Coppa was discovered at Big Yard by the infamous Vybz Kartel while he was the neighbourhood DJ for Mannings Hill Road and Red Hills Road. After a short transition within and around “the Portmore Empire” Dotta Coppa has recorded several hit singles for Foxxlink, Notnice, Lee Miller and other productions. Tunes like "Moving on", "Life or Death" or "Hunt fi Mine" are a perfect musical reflection of his versatility and talent. His work quickly went viral on the Internet and the dancehall-scene worldwide. In 2009, Dotta Coppa performed on stage at the STING Festival. 

Dotta Coppa has been working hard on improving his skills and growing his fan-base considerably over the last years. Witty with a sharp edge Dotta Coppa delivers like a mean punch when it comes to lyrics. Several lyrical clashes, collaborations, freestyles and the cooperation with the young, talented producer Prince Villa have taken him to the next level. 

Dotta Coppa represents everything a rising dancehall artist needs to make an impact. His talent, uniqueness and charisma manifest in his extraordinary lyrical expressions. Humble, Dotta Coppa, is fully tuned to life, through his songs, inspiring and encouraging his followers - people of every social class and age. His fans, friends and family motivate and support him.

Right now it's only a matter of time until this young, grateful and gifted man has his big breakthrough in the dancehall industry world wide. The future looks promising and Dotta Coppa can't wait to represent his music to his fans. 

One thing is for sure, he won´t disappoint them…