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Doctor Dread

When I first journeyed to my beloved Jamaica in 1977 I never realized my involvement with this beautiful island nation would become such an integral part of my life. I spent over three months walking across the country getting to know its people and extraordinary culture. Eventually I founded RAS Records which went on to become the largest reggae music label in the world. And my love of Jamaica also included its excellent cuisine, especially the jerking process of the meats. My unique preparation of jerk chicken became a favorite here in America and until a few years ago was a well guarded secret. 

Doctor Dread’s Jerk Sauce and Rub are commercially available and the many products I use these spices with can now be enjoyed by the public. These are the Orginal Doctor Dread’s Jerk Potato Chips invented by the Doctor himself. I know you’re gonna love these chips. The only problem is it’s hard to stop eating them!