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Ras Denroy Morgan @ OnStage TV


Ras Denroy Morgan @ OnStage TV

In the recent edition of OnStage host Winford Williams welcomed Ras Denroy Morgan: father of 30, grandfather of 90, patriarch of the Morgan Heritage family, Ambassador of the Ethiopian Orthodox Coptic Church and award-winner for outstanding community work in Harlem. He lifts his voice to speak about the holy herb and repatriation: "We as Rastafarians, we talk about repatriation, but what about reparation? How can we return to Africa empty-handed?"

Watch the video below to learn how he managed to escape charges for being caught with 21 pounds of Ganja in New York (2011), the only punishment imposed $25 of court fees and 90 days of probation: "God has been good to me. He spread the shield around me, and that was how I was able to escape." He goes on to reveal his plans to reboot his musical career as Ras Morgan with a remake of the song Get Up Stand Up and an upcoming album called Musical Unity: "There is different flavours on the album… I have never done spoken word before, and there are four spoken word songs on the album!"