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RIP Delroy Washington

03/27/2020 by Gardy Stein

RIP Delroy Washington

Oh Lord... just when we were putting the "RIP Bob Andy" article online, news about another Reggae Veteran's passing reached us. Delroy Washington has died in London today, as The Voice confirms.

Born in Jamaica in 1952, Delroy's family moved to the UK when he was still a child. His first steps in music were as tour manager and session musician, playing in the band Rebel. He also worked as a solo artist, recording for Count Shelly, and, little later, sang backing vocals for Bob Marley and the Wailers on several albums. He became a close friend of the famous singer in the 70s, even advising him on how to make his lyrics more suitable for European listeners. His own works include the albums I Sus (1976) and Rasta (1977) as well as several singles and collaborations with the likes of Jah Shaka.

Apart from these direct musical contributions, he also had an impact as founder and CEO of the Federation of Reggae Music UK, an organisation which campaigned to recognize the London Borough of Brent as UK's and Europe's "Reggae Capital", since labels such as Island Records and Jet Star were operating from there.

Also, Delroy Washington will remain in the memories of countless people as a community activist, developing initiatives such as the 12 Tribes of Israel, HPCC Bridge Park or I & I Idren of Israel. His kind, creative and intelligent spirit will be missed dearly.