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Dada Yute

Cauê Granello aka Dada Yute, born in São Paulo on December 7, 1986, began his career at 17 in the state band Lions of Israel as a backing vocalist, participating in the second album, "Living Word" in which the music "Suffering Useful" of his own, became hit.

Along with the band toured in Brazil watching also great artists such as Gregory Issacs and Clinton Fearon, The Gladiator. He participated in the largest Reggae festival in Jamaica and one of the world's largest in 2006, the Rebel Salute.

Returning from Jamaica, has assumed the lead vocal of the band and then began to develop his solo work with the producer and DJ Gustavo Sola (Gustah EchoSound) carrying messages aware of cultural revival, added to Nyabinghi music beats and rhythms contemporary to sweet melodies and catchy vocals.

Dada Yute follows his career with the following works: 2007 - "War and Crime" - First single released and produced by Digitaldubs Sound System, a pioneer in Rio de Janeiro. In Europe, the vinyl record 7" inch with Jamaican singer King Kong on side A and Dada Yute on side B was launched by KoogaSound and achieved great impact.

Since the first release, the artist keeps an internationally and global engagement 2008 - Dada Yute gaining more space in the media, strengthening the new era of National Reggae, receiving several MTV invitations to participate in shows like "Acesso MTV", "Entrevista ao vivo", heating of the "VMB" in 2009, and recording vignettes that aired for a month of programming commercials.

In June 2009, the song “Mensagem Real” came on the soundtrack of the movie “As Melhores Coisas Do Mundo”, by Lais Bodanzky (“Bicho de 7 cabeças”). No doubt, Dada Yute showed why it was considered by many to new generation of Brazilian reggae music. That same year, participated in the mixtape "Matilha Cultural HipHop" in the large national troupe, as Funk Buya, Sombra and Criolo.