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Courtney John

Meet Courtney John, the lovers rocker, that enigmatic, rare artist who comes along every once in a while, with uniqueness that simply radiates. Blessed with a gift for creating music that speaks to the human condition, Courtney John sings about love, about life, about relationships and about good times; and of course, the women love his music, especially his trademark falsetto which resonates romance, transcending social and cultural boundaries. Courtney John’s songwriting and production capabilities are well respected among his peers.

Writing, singing and producing comes naturally to Courtney John who was born into a musical family. He grew up listening to his uncles Winston and Beres Hammond, so it came as no surprise, when at age twelve; Courtney John wrote and performed his first song. He acknowledges being influenced by the singing styles of Beres Hammond, Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder while his peers have called him a modern day Slim Smith; some say he’s like a young Eddie Kendricks or even Curtis Mayfield.

Nevertheless, Courtney John is quick to admit he is a work in progress. “I get bored easily. What you get on this album, is not necessarily what will be on the next,” he smiles, “It’s about creating quality music that is positively progressive, that touches people where they live.” His vocal styling is captivatingly sultry yet strong. His melancholic strains get under your skin.

Courtney's latest single Hey Jamaica is no exception. Produced by up and coming talent 'The Wizard' , Hey Jamaica is a mix of up tempo and lover’s rock, showcasing his ever evolving eclectic sound. Its undeniably innovative sound is permeating the airwaves worldwide, undoubtedly destined to become an international and local hit. The reviews have already been exceptional, and thus, encourages Courtney to continue his path exploring musical barriers. He explains that he hasn’t shut himself from learning but rather exploring and experimenting. “The value of learning is the beauty to expand from exploring” he says.

The success of the 2010 release of Made in Jamaica and the infectious lead single Lucky Man saw a tremendous response from new fans from the farthest reaches of the globe . Many of the songs were composed while on a worldwide tour with Beres Hammond during summer 2008 and production was completed in February 2009, when he was on tour with the punk/reggae band, Michael Franti and Spearhead. The additional contributions from renowned duo Sly and Robbie, who also worked on its predecessor album, Unselfish and the musical wizardry of Steven “Lenky” Marsden, who was recently nominated as Billboard Producer of the Year, were the final pieces needed for this musical masterpiece.

Courtney John has proven his worth to fans and critics alike, securing his reputation as one Jamaica’s most talented musical innovators to emerge in the 21st Century.

Courtney John was born in the Parish of St. Andrew, Jamaica and grew up in Annotto Bay, St. Mary before migrating to North America with his family as a teenager. After completing his formal studies, he returned to Jamaica to pursue his musical calling. Courtney John has recorded tracks for some of Jamaica's biggest producers including: X-Terminator, Fat Eyes, Taxi, and Harmony House. Courtney John is presently recording on the FiWi Music label. He has also penned and produced hits for international stars, Nelly Furtado & Michael Franti, as well as Luciano, and reggae legends Joseph Hill, Beres Hammond and Marcia Griffiths.

Jamaica’s Irie Fm, recognized Courtney John as Best Male artist of 2007 and his album, Unselfish as Best Album of 2007 and Singles like Miss You,, Baby Tonight, and When You Say, have hit the Top 10 charts. Unselfish was the first album recorded as Courtney John. Previously, he was Yogie who broke through with That Was Then and I Go Crazy.

Hey Jamaica and a follow up single slated for August release are just in time to provide the perfect soundtrack for summer, however Courtney has much more in the pipeline including a new album. This project will call on his past experiences to evoke a truly global sound that all his fans can embrace. The assistance of diverse producers from across the globe will further compliment Courtney’s global mass appeal. This album he says, will explore relative and grown up topics to embrace his maturity that people will love and can relate to with his uniqueness that simply radiates.