Collie Buddz ADD

Collie Buddz - Good Life

Collie Buddz - Good Life

DIGITAL RELEASE [Harper Digital Entertainment]

Release date: 05/19/2017


01. Control
02. Lovely Day
03. Part of My Life
04. Save Me from the Rain feat. Kat Dahlia
05. Good Life
06. I Got You
07. Used To feat. Kreesha Turner
08. Level feat. P-Lo
09. Glass House
10. Glue
11. Yesterday feat. Jody HiGHROLLER & Snoop Dogg


Collie Buddz has been living that good life since his first release, SOS, in 2006. SOS was co opted by the WWE for Kofi Kingston, a wrestler whose poorly executed caribbean stereotype included a mysteriously shaped tam and inauthentic patois. The ...

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