Claye ADD



Claye has established himself as a brilliant artist, songwriter and producer stamping his mark on everything he touches. As well as being a classically trained pianist, he taught himself to play drums and the guitar, he has an incredible ear for music and can come up with amazing song concepts in the blink of an eye. His boundaries and genre know no limits. Respected by his peers and fellow artists and producers, it is easy to title him a super talent. Born Clayton Morrison in Kingston, Jamaica, on August 9, 1982, Clayton now lives in the UK. When asked why the name Claye, he explained; “Well, Claye is who I am, my name is Clayton but I am known to most people as Claye. I like it because a potter sculpts clay into something beautiful and creative and since I make music, molding sounds into a beautiful song, Claye works well and I can still remain true to myself”. Claye started out making reggae tracks when he was a teenager still living in Jamaica, but didn’t stop at the genre as he was heavily into the sound of The Neptunes, Teddy Riley and Timbaland. Claye’s sound was influenced by those powerhouse producers but through constant experimentation, he has developed his own unique sound. This sound can be heard on Sean Paul’s “Hold My Hand” from his Grammy nominated album Imperial Blaze, “Pray For Me” on Chipmunk’s Transition album, and many more. Claye is still stamping his mark on projects, which can be heard on his own debut album ‘Art & Soul’, and the “Conversations” album by Gentleman and Kymani Marley. His goal is to continue to make great music and he aspires to be an icon within the music industry. The personal side of Claye is no different from his music; he enjoys spending time with his family and is as passionate about his personal and family life as he is his music. “My family is my everything”. I work as hard as I do to ensure my family is provided for. Everything is good in moderation, life is about balance and I always strive for greatness that way the least I’ll end up with is the best,” explains a motivated Claye.