Chukki Starr ADD

Chukki Starr

Tito Williamson aka CHUKKI STARR was born in England, raised in the nw10 region of London, in an estate called Stonebridge. He fell in love with Reggae music from a child as being raised around the music from his mother and his father who was a local soundman himself, as a young teenager him and his cousins had a sound called Echo Tone. Chukki began to perform and show his lyrical skillz. The community he lived in was a very poor estate and it was so easy to be led into a life of crime so he had to decide which road he is going to choose as he knew he wanted to be a Reggae artist. He recorded a track with a singer named Courtney English „Try Me“. A do over of a James Brown song which was received well locally and that was the beginning of Chukki’s recording career.

Age 15 he left for Jamaica to stay with his family and for the next few years he and some local artist in the western Kingston 12 began doing dubplates for local sounds and local shows in the community. Three years later he returned to England and began to do recordings for some of the UK’s top reggae producers GUSSI P, SAXON, RUFF CUT, BLACKER DREAD and many more. In 1998 he recorded the album „Ghetto Youth's Livity“ for Mad Professor.

Since that he has been touring the world spreading his positive message. He has five albums to date and many singles.

2011 he was sent to prison on a firearm charge and served 4 years. Released in 2015, he is back on the scene hot again, after BBC 1Xtra radio DJ Seani B put out a Mix-CD when Chukki was finally freed from prison and now we are happy to have the artist back to what he does best REGGAE MUSIC.