Chezidek ADD


Chezidek the Herbalist, environmentalist, the Itralist the Rastaman who blaze up the chalice and defend the Cannabis. The man who says “Leave De Trees” from the album “Inna Di Road” ( Greensleeves). The man who also gave you albums as: “Harvest Time” and “The Rising Sun” (VP Records) Firm Up Yourself (Cousins Records) and soon to be release “In This Time” (Tads Records).   From the little town of St. Ann’s Bay in the parish of St. Ann, Jamaica, born Desbert Johnson, “Free Like A River” Chezidek “Call Pon Dem” with righteousness continually, through inspiration from the most high King Selassie I Jah Rastafari, the Honorable Marcus Garvey and other freedom fighters in Jamaica and around the world, some through music and some through speeches.   Since getting a break on the Jamaica music scene in 2004, (though he has been recording for years before) he never cease the message of life, singing songs of love, justice and equality for all of humanity the environment and all creatures of creation . Performing on major events all over, such as The 42nd Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland, Reggae Sundance in Holland, Uppsala Reggae festival in Sweden, Rebel Salute, Reggae Sunsplash, Sting and Sierra Nevada World Music festival in California and many other major reggae shows where he has created an enormous fan base.   Chezidek has performed in France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Canada, UK, USA and the Caribbean.