Chaski ADD


CHASKI - is now beginning his career as a solo artist. He is known as singer and trombonist of his band MEMORIA

The artist's debut album "Fyah y Fuego" consists of 12 songs and deals with the themes that keep Chaski's inner flame alive, "Fyah y Fuego". This album title fuses Patois (Creole language with English roots) with Spanish, which he also skillfully translates into lyrical and freely sings/chants authentically. Rhythmically, the album follows his heart and love for Reggae/Dancehall that he fuses with his Latin American influences into modernity.

In 2021 Chaski makes the decision of his life. The desire and training to become an educator came from the heart and learned in this time to love a new facet in him. The power and charisma that music means and gives him, outweighs his dear work as an educator.

With the loosening of ties, Chaski starts on the path to becoming a 100% musician and follows his true calling. During this time his first complete work as a solo artist is created.

As feature guests he has the newcomer Edili M from the Dominican Republic, from Jamaica the reggae singer Tydal Kamau and his brother and band mates INTI from Germany.

With this album you can feel the love, passion and friendship that moves Chaski. On current political issues he can not abstain and positions himself on war, poverty, inequality and corruption and revolutionary uprisings in Peru.