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Cedella Marley

Cedella Marley is the C.E.O. of Tuff Gong International , wife, mother of three, and a children’s book author with two new books scheduled for release in 2011. Her work includes Boy from Nine Mile and Three Little Birds, a vividly illustrated story based on the timeless song written by her father.

In addition to music and children’s literature, Cedella is also a clothing designer, harnessing her creative energy into the fashion world. Her brand, Catch a Fire, named after her father’s first album, encompasses a tailored bohemian style with vivid colors and prints.

Cedella Marley Design (CMD), is dedicated to collaborating with brands to create lifestyle items ranging from custom knit and woven wearable pieces to home furnishings and accessories. Through collaboration CMD has the ability to fuse a unique aesthetic and reach a broad and diverse audience while still maintaing an eclectic boutique vibe.

Cedella Marley's life has always been rooted in music and culture. Growing up in the hills of Jamaica and touring the world as a Melody Maker, Cedella has had the best of both worlds - "a little bit country and a little bit rock-n-roll." As the first child of the Reggae legend Bob Marley, Cedella has witnessed history in the making. She continually combines her vast influences of people, places, cultures and music, sharing it all with the world through her creative endeavors.   Currently living in Miami, Cedella balances her life as C.E.O. of Tuff Gong International, one of four Melody Makers, and a full time mom of three.   With two Grammy awards and eight acclaimed albums under their belt, the Melody Makers continue to tour internationally and perform on numerous TV shows. As head of the record label originally formed by her father, Cedella has developed razor sharp business skills. She is a natural performer and has received critical acclaim for her on-screen work with Gina Gershon in Joey Breaker. In every aspect of her life, be it performing, managing a company or at home, Cedella actively safeguards and honors her father's great legacy and style. It is a challenge she meets with determination, self confidence and energy.   Cedella has harnessed her creative energy and put it towards developing a collection of customized women's clothing, appropriately named Catch A Fire, the title of her father's first album. With this project, Cedella once again intends to keep her father's memory and message alive while sharing it with the world through her own distinct fashion sensibility.