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Burning Spear supports Zazan Zazan's 'Spread The Love A Move' Charity

12/10/2021 by Press Release

Burning Spear supports Zazan Zazan's 'Spread The Love A Move' Charity

Last month, on November 12th, Reggae Legend Burning Spear released his first single in over 8 years [read all about it here], entitled Mommy. Now, on the International Human Rights Day (December 10th), reggae radio and press is being serviced with this single. Listen above to this highly anticipated release from Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear, "Mommy", from the yet to be released album No Destroyer.

"In a time like now, everything is hard" Mr. Rodney stresses in Mommy.

With that reality in mind, this coming holiday season, Spear will be donating a generous amount of financial support to the Jamaican-based charity, Spread The Love A Move. Established nearly 6 years ago, Spread the Love A Move is based in Walkerwood, St. Ann, and is run by Mytania "Zazan" Samuels, a gospel comedian dedicated to spreading love through humanitarian heart-based acts. They help those who are in desperate need across the Island of Jamaica. On his Facebook page, Zazan Zazan Loud, you can often see live feeds of the work they do and the people they help.

Burning  Spear
is an enthusiastic supporter of Zazan's efforts. As a St. Ann's native, born and bred, Spear's generosity will be helping to provide food, love, and companionship to the community of Train Line, a town located in Gregory Park, Portmore. There will be assistance provided at the local infirmary, and there will be a visit to the St. Ann Bay hospital bearing gifts for children who may have been forgotten, or too poor to get any gifts. All this will take place in the week leading up to, and including Christmas Day.

As we have all just learned of the stunning loss of one of Reggae's greatest of all times, Robbie Shakespeare, bass player alongside Riddim Twin drummer Sly Dunbar, Spear offered this on his Burning Spear Music Facebook page:

"Sleep in Peace my brother Mr. Robbie Shakespeare. Your memory will live on in your contributions to my albums; to name a few, Man in the Hills and Marcus Garvey. Much respect, Sir. I man will always cherish the times in the studio. Rastafari. S.I.P."

Watch below Zazan Zazan talking to Burning Spear (Facebook Live - September 28, 2021) :