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Burning Spear Announces First Single 'Mommy' from upcoming 'No Destroyer' Album

10/26/2021 by Reggaeville

Burning Spear Announces First Single 'Mommy' from upcoming 'No Destroyer' Album

"Mommy wants the best in life for she and her family. [...] What can these parents do to prevent the kids from fall." [Mommy, 2021]

The legendary Burning Spear announced the official release date for his first release since 10 years. In early October Spear started to tell his Facebook fans about an upcoming single and recently the release of Mommy was confirmed for November 12, 2021. [LISTEN HERE]

This new song is the first single from the long awaited No Destroyer album, which was first announced in early 2011. No Destroyer will be the follow up to the Grammy winning album Jah Is Real (released in August 2008). 

In April 2021 Burning Spear was interviewed on WPKN Radio @ Rockers Arena with The Night Nurse and shared some exciting news about the single, the album and even about doing concerts again:

"The fans, the people can really get some more of Burning Spear musically. […] I think the time is right to release the album and I'm ready also. The time can be right and if I'm not ready, then it's not gonna work." […] I'm excited about releasing the album and also excited to release a single from the album, so the people can get a little feels basing on how the album sound. It's a good album, a strong album. Talking about a lot of good things. I'm ready!"

The last Burning Spear tour was in August 2010 when he did four shows in four days in the Netherlands. 

Since then he only did single shows. Nine concerts in total during the past 11 years. The last one was in 2016 in Los Angeles, CA at the annual Reggae Night concert (Hollywood Bowl). Other shows took place in Saint-Denis in Réunion Island (2015), Montreal in Canada (2014), Brussels in Belgium @ Couleur Cafe (2014), New York (2013) and four concerts in 2012: Morrison @ Reggae On The Rocks, Cologne, Germany @ SummerJam, Santa Rosa, CA (USA) and Miami, FL (USA) @ 9Mile Music Festival.

Even if the 2016 performance was announced as Spear's final concert in California, it looks like the fans in California and other countries will get the chance to experience Burning Spear in concert in the future as he revealed during the interview @ Rockers Arena's with Amy Wachtel:

"One thing I'm not gonna promise to people is touring. I don't think I will be touring again. Like going on the road for months, weeks. But if all been alright with me. I will use my discretion and think about doing maybe a little show here and there. Maybe a show in France, maybe a show in England, Holland, California. The last show will take place in New York.

So all fans can get ready for the new single Mommy out on November 12 and hope for the new album No Destroyer to be released soon. The single is already available for pre-order at Apple Music and you can even listen to a short snippet: