Blae Minott ADD

Blae Minott

Born in Kingston and son of legend reggae pioneer Lincoln "Sugar Minott" Daniel "Blae" Minott had an early interest in music and began expressing his love for the art at a early age when his father tried to form a group with his siblings in 1986 who attempted to record their first single entitled "Reggae the beat" the song however was never released and the group never rose to the expectation as the youngsters never mastered the art as they needed to learn more before they could become professionals at it .

Daniel Minott however never lost his love for the music and so took on to another side of the music as years passed and became one of the in-house studio engineer at the age of 15 working along side Carlo Gray at the Youth promotion studio.

In 1999 Daniel Minott was inspired by the fact that he was also a good writer and decided to start recording once again and so recorded his first official song with his label mate Tampanae at the Youth Promotion recording studio which was owned but Veteran singer and producer Sugar Minott.

The single was entitled "Cant Take It No More" the single got popular rotation on local TV and radio station in Jamaica. Daniel "Blae" Minott continues to record and is still searching for his first number one as he continue to record on his own independent "MY BLOCK" label at the youth promotion studios.