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Bambu Station

In 1996, lead singer Jalani Horton founded the Bambú Station Band. It would be a band that would create music and write songs that reach into the difficult spaces in the lives of people. It would be a band that would have a positive impact on the lives of people. It would strive to keep a mighty torch lit -- lit by ancestors and musician-prophets alike.

On April 24, 2012, Bambú Station digitally released the “Children Of Exodus” album on iTunes, their 4th full-length band album. They also produced 3 fan favorite Various Artists compilations and 4 full length albums for other artists. This does not include the various side projects, guest appearances and collaborations they have also done.

Since they began touring in July 2004, Bambú Station has performed on three continents, in countless cities throughout Europe, Africa, USA, and the Pacific and Caribbean regions. The band has headlined or been featured on major festivals around the world and their albums have sold tens of thousands of copies.

In October 2004, Jalani Horton also started the Bambú Station Foundation to help the band stay true to its purpose and help facilitate its commitment to families in its own communities. The “Rockas” music the band performs is not just a reggae sound or a style, it is also a way of life that transcends the stage and the commercial aspects of the entertainment industry. The Foundation’s motto is, “it’s how we live that’s real…”

Bambú Station has also helped feature fellow Virgin Islanders on recordings and tours and have supported great artists like Dezarie, Star Lion Family, Pressure Buss Pipe, Niyo Rah, Ras Iba, Lady Passion, Ras Attitude and countless others. Always assuring, always in abundance.

On May 5, 2012, Bambú Station released the physical copy of “Children Of Exodus.” Its’ commercial success, unknown at this time; the human impact, immeasurable for sure.

Stay tuned. Stay involved.
This is “Rockas to the Bone!”