Autarchii ADD


Autarchii (Born Jermaine Joseph) is a fiery 22 year old Roots Recording artiste who hails from Portmore, Jamaica. Being the son of Veteran Recording Artiste, Donovan Joseph, and cousin to the crown prince of Reggae, Dennis Brown, it seems almost destined for him to carry the torch of righteousness towards the next generation.

The former Kingston College student is one who draws along the line of witty insightfulness and positive aggression. He has had the pleasure to be a mentee of the late legendary Wayne ‘Sleng Teng’ Smith, who taught him many ins and outs of the music business at a tender age. To date, he is one of two artistes that make up the neo-roots movement called ‘HOWKLEAR’, which is an acronym explaining that in order to reach the heights of wisdom one must first know, learn, execute and then they will rise. The name Autarchii is a depiction of ‘autarchy,’ which means absolute rule or power.

It was officially placed on him by his cousin in New York, who believed that his revolutionary approach to the music would make him inextinguishable. He recently released a music video for the renowned single "Grow" and also collaborated with Fari Difuture on a 10 track Ep entitled "Generation (Y )?The HOWKLEAR Project".

Thus far, fans all around the globe believe Autarchii is here to stay and continuously looks forward to his releases. Hence, the fervent fortisian believes the sky is just the ground and that there is no limit when it comes to him bearing the fruits of his musical labor.