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Anthony John

Destined to pour more love and cultural blessings back into roots reggae music Anthony John’s motivating lyrics attempt to eradicate the un-progressive gun chat and badman-ship, associated with reggae music. Inspired by the world of wisdom and HAILE SELASSIE! Anthony John‘s up front and humble lyrics penetrate the soul.
This diligent creator of conscious often-smooth ballads confidently produces a unique product distinctive in its own right. Clarence Anthony Mitchell entered the world in the parish of St Ann on the 5th July 1969 and rose up through the ranks via his determine personality.

Admired by his peers, the ragamuffin youth was often AWOL and found to be banging out some new riddim, instead of studying. After a successful graduation in 1986, Anthony John directed his energy towards the creation of music. Finding an outlet within the local sound systems and spent his teens in the midst of the creative street sounds. His move to Kingston in 1988 enabled him to link up with aspiring yet unknown Buju Banton in White Hall, this union led to performances with the great vintage sound systems Playmate, Rambo and Culture Love and many more.

On his regular studio run, Anthony John went to 2B Grove road in Kingston, where the 8-0-9 band use to work out. He got the opportunity to sing live that day. Mr Harris who was very impress by is talent, send him to the I n I sound studio on Rainford road, where Al Chemist was the engineer at the time. He record his first realise, a cover of Gregory Abbott’s “Shake You Down” in 1990. Then came “In the spotlight” the theme tune to “Cheers”, “If You Not Here” originally a hit for Dionne Warwick. The first original tune to emerge was “Treat Me Good Tonight” which appeared on an All Star compilation in 1991 on I n I sound label which receives well-deserved praise.

Blessed inspiration arrived in 1993,when Richard a good friend, introduce him to Garfield Sampalue Philips (Diamond Rush Promotions), Sampalue was so intrigued by Anthony John’s vocal ability he decided to raise him into the ranks of Jamaica’s musical elite with “All I Can Say”, “Hooked on a Feeling” (Weather Balloon Rhythm), and the first version of “Warning”. Soon after this in 1995, he get an album deal from Mr Cecil Golding for Bold Gold Records based in New York and was co produce by Al Chimist, the album entitled “Do Good” been realise in 1996. The track “Burning Fire Of Love” had been chosen for a sound track in the movie “Hunter Fire Man”.
Out of the 321 Strong studios came the single like “Power To The People”. Then “Jah Works” which was on the compilation “321 Strong” in late 1996.All those achievements did leads to many Radio and TV interview in Jamaica, and the USA. All came to a halt when the singer decided to go back to the Hills of St Ann in 1997 to live for a year.

In 1998 he was back in the city, that when he link again with his musical brother Buju Banton. He starts immediately to write some song for an album for the now Gargamel Music. The Gargamel release single like “Mama Did Tell Me”, “Give Thanks”, “Reggae Child” and “Won’t Cry”. The album is yet to come.

In 2001, he link up with Donovan Germaine of Penthouse Records, where the single like “Woman Gone Left You” and the second version of “Warning” been released, seven more tracks are still waiting to be released. He spend 6 months in the UK from November 2002 to may 2003. When he came back, he link up with Fattis for the Exterminator label and record a few song for future deals.

Always happy to speak of his success in France, in 2003 he record “Don t Cry No More” on the version “Shush Shush Charlotte” for Dj Version of the album “Aux Nouvelles Des Etoiles” , by Serge Gainsbourg on the Universal label for a dj version of this album in 2003.

Anthony John went back in England between August 2004 to August 2006. Based in UK and was very active in the movement of Reggae music in Europe. Touring with artist like Macka B, Prince Malachi, The Sista Band, Empress Ayola, Little Roy, Sylvia Tella, The Amarics, Twinkle Brothers, Action Fire, Lutan Fyah, Earl 16, Luciano, Dennis Alcapone, Michael Prophet and many more.

His second album, which was long over due, been released on the 2nd of January 2006. Entitled “Wont Lose Track”, the album consist of 14 wonderful tracks, it as been released on Anthony John’s independent Record label “Roots Johnn Connection”. This album is the one to check out, you can find some previews in Natty Dread Magazine (France, fev06), Ragga Magazine (France, mars06), in the Echoes (UK, July 06) and soon in the Riddim Magazine (Germany) and Mandigo news and reviews in the UK.
Jet Star and Black Arrow in UK, Ernie B in USA distributes this album; you can also find it in different shop on line.

Surly making a waves in the world of reggae music, with a singles like “It Keeps Happening”, “Rejection” and “Tropical Life” for a Reality Sound label; “Creation” on the Jah Warrior Record label; “Fabulous” for Preacher Works; “Come together” for Pharos record featured on the compilation “Front Line”; “Never Leave You Lonely” and “Dance and Sing” in collaboration with Lutan Fyah for the Studio Star Gate label; one 10inch “Strive” on the Scoops label. His most recent release is in collaboration with Empress Ayola entitled “How Could You Do That To Me” on the Simply Music Record label and “Party Time” for Sreet Vibes UK featured on the soca compilation “Get mad now”.

The singer briefly told us of another album due to release very soon, from Bunny Frazor on Reality Sound label it will be entitled “Tropical Life”.

He also took time to givethanks to some of his friends, who always give him Positive inspirations: to Sista Edmee, Sasha Lawla, Jango Niceness, Al Chemist, Blooming Rose, Anthony( Bassy)Hibbert, Buju Banton, Lutan Fyah, Spectacular, Mark Wonder, Emperor, Ural(Buck)Balfour, Jimmy, Karel Walker, Susan Murray, Sophia, Jah Screw, Pan, Empress Ayola and Patchie Lee.
Anthony John is actually in tour in Europe for the promotions of him new album who will be out soon “Creation”