Alpheus ADD


Born and raised by Jamaican parents in London, England, Alpheus developed a passion for singing after seeing Sam Cooke perform on television and performing on local sound systems in London as a youth. His love for reggae developed as he was exposed to singers like Don Carlos,Dennis Brown, Frankie Paul,Michael Gordon, Thriller U and many more great artists.     After meetin Tony brevette of the famed vocal rocksteady group 'The Melodians'whilst he was living in the USA in florida Mr.Brevette took Alpheus to the lengendary Clement Dodd and his great STUDIO ONE Label where he recorded his debut album 'Quality Time'in 1998 On some of those classic studio one rhythmns .He went on to sing a second very good album with 'Special delivery label 'france a few years ago.     Now Alpheus embarks on the release of his NEW album entitled ‘From Creation’ on A-lone label (lone ark) for the January 18th 2011.This will be a great album which consists of stunning re-creations of authentically made ska and roots rocksteady. Produced by the talented Roberto Sanchez from Santander spain.