Allinor ADD


He is Journey Man, ever shouldering his guitar as he travels, empathizing and warm to each person he encounters. Before he picked up his first guitar he had already written dozens of songs, and as his strumming acumen brightens so does his ability to croon the sentiments of regular people across the globe struggling to make ends meet, finding happiness and peace in small rewards and hard work. Finding his inspiration in the life and pulse of the city, he attempts to draw out the deeper moments, singing of a summer love, reflecting on spiritual searching and family loyalty, even commenting on systemic corruption in government. He is a bright and warm personality who makes you feel welcome and inspires you to relax, no matter what your background. Yet he is also a serious thinker, unafraid to express criticism and open to radical ideas. Both his warmth and his thoughtfulness come alive in his music as he pours himself through it. Originally from Ghana, West Africa, Allinor has always been influenced by the music of his motherland as well as his deep roots in spiritual music. Blending western blues, reggae with traditional music to create a soul stirring, mood setting style of melodic rhythms