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10th Anniversary - Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? 2013-2023

05/10/2023 by Munchy

10th Anniversary - Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? 2013-2023

In April 2013 we presented to you the very first episode of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? which means: with the latest episode we are celebrating 10 years of the show! So, here are ten fun facts about Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?:

  1. We recorded 82 interviews for 74 episodes.
  2. We shot in the snowy Austrian Alpes and in the blazing Jamaican heat.
  3. We filmed in six different countries (Jamaica, USA, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland),
  4. Twice on water, in a parc, on a construction site and at a car wash.
  5. We were welcomed at Alborosie’s Shengen Studio, Inner Circle’s Circle House and at the infamous 56 Hope Road.
  6. Micah Shemaiah brought his band, Don Carlos brought his family and Gappy Ranks spontaneously invited Marcia Griffiths.
  7. Episodes were filmed at Rebel Salute, SummerJam, Reggae Jam, One Love Sound Fest, the Reggaeville Easter Special and the Africa Days in Munich.
  8. We welcomed vocalists, musicians, producers, sound systems, and comedians from ten different countries.  
  9. The most common guests were Alborosie, Protoje and Kabaka Pyramid, who joined me on three shows each. 
  10. Up to this day you watched more than 740.325 times overall

Thank you for watching, for your support and your appreciation! Cheers to ten years!
Big up to all artists and #TeamReggaeville behind the camera for making it possible!

Watch all episodes HERE or below in the YouTube playlist: