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Alborosie @ Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? #74 - 10th Anniversary Edition

04/27/2023 by Munchy

In April 2013 the very first episode of Wha' Gwaan Munchy?!? was recorded and published. Kumar Bent was the first guest and the news included the War Ina East clash, the Mazik festival in New Caledonia and Keiva the Diva posing nude. 

With episode number 74 we celebrate 10 years of the show this month! Alborosie welcomes Munchy on the construction site of his next studio in Kingston, Jamaica to reason with her about his childhood, his first performances singing Stevie Wonder songs, about international collaborations, sticking to Reggae music and his brand new album Destiny coming in May. "The guy from the Kinder chocolate" defines success, shares his dreams and who he dedicated the love song on his album to. 

Additional news include Max Romeo and his Ultimate Farewell tour, the Reggaeville Easter Special and Lila Iké's recent tours.


  • Alborosie about to release brand new album Destiny on May 26, 2023
  • Max Romeo on his Ultimate Tour through Europe
  • Max Romeo performing at Reggaeville Easter Special in Amsterdam
  • Alborosie collaborating with Burro Banton, Kabaka Pyramid and Buju Banton for his new album Destiny
  • Alborosie teams up with Turkish rapper Ehzel for single Royal Throne
  • Alborosie reflects on faith and highlights rising talent Jaz Elise
  • Lila Iké plays tours in Japan and Europe, also passing through Hamburg for the Reggaeville Easter Special
  • How Alborosie celebrated 4/20
  • Alborosie ready to tour the US and Europe in summer

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