Admiral Tibet ADD

Admiral Tibet

Kennel Allen aka Admiral Tibet was born in the parish of St. Mary where he attended the Free Hill Pri­mary and Port Maria Secondary Schools respectively. 

As a young child growing up, he always had a keen interest in music. He started performing on sound systems in and around his vicinity at a ten­der age.

Having listened to a wide variety of music, he credits veterans Dennis Brown and Gregory Isaacs as being his greatest influences.

At the urging of family and friends who recognized his talent, he worked diligently to develop his music skills.

In 1985, Tibet did his first recording for producer Sherman Clacher, entitled “Babylon War” on the Ara bic and King Inter na tional label. This record ing  gave him  recognition locally and internationally. Another single “Leave People Business” produced by Winston Riley on the Techniques label, was an instant hit, followed by “Serious Time” which was recorded for producer Lloyd James on the King Jam­mys label and was later remixed with two times Grammy winner Shabba Ranks and the Don Gorgon Ninja man on the MPLA rhythm.

This song was also a major hit. Following these hit songs, in 1989 Tibet performed on Jamaica’s biggest stageshow, The Reggae Sunsplash, where on Dancehall Night he thrilled thousands of spectators and was recognized as a top performer of the night. Soon after, Tibet was awarded by The Rockers Awards– “Performer of the Year”.  Having gained this status, Admiral Tibet was now booked on most of the major shows in Jamaica, such as Rebel Salute, Sting and The Reggae Sumfest.

In the follow ing years, Tibet recorded for several producers a repertoire of original music reflecting a conscious roots, cultural awareness with social commentary. In the year 2000, he recorded “Gone Crazy” for producer Bobby Digital which was a chart mover for several weeks, followed by “Couldn’t Believe It” for artist/producer Sugar Roy on the Fire ball label, which also hit the charts. To date, Tibet has recorded nine albums including “Coming to the Light” in 1987 for King Jammys, “Babylon War” for producer Sherman Clacher and “Leave People Business” for producer Winston Riley.
Admiral Tibet has toured extensively in the United States, Europe, Japan and the Caribbean. With a message of unity and love, Admiral Tibet continues to captivate audiences and leave them craving for more.