AbiYah Yisrael ADD

AbiYah Yisrael

"Vocalizations of spiritual frequencies, via the utterance of sound Elohim created. Music transmits vibrations that creates or destroys. Such is the power of our words. I choose to speak life or this music is nothing but selfish vanity. I create as I speak." _AbiYah Yisrael

Vintage sounds of roots reggae has encountered a spiritual lyrical adroitness, in a mix of historic truth, vocalized as crystal as the waters of Dominica. The sound of her voice is impossible to super impose over her physical attributes as she chants the echoes of her ancestors. Her style incorporates her spiritual philosophies seen through the lens of history emitted as Blues on Reggae. Nicole ‘AbiYah Yisrael’ Alfred, is the 6th and last member of the house of Mr & Mrs Adolphus and Sonia Christian. Her walk and music are inspired through maintaining an open eye, a spiritual connection with the Most High and a burning passion to spread the message of Truth.

She grew up in Glasgow, a sub urban area in the south west of Dominica, in a home where strong Christian principles were enforced, taught and exemplified. While attending University she was introduced to the authentic conscious sound of organic roots rock reggae where her love and understanding of reggae grew. Influenced by the lifestyle of her significant other she soon took up an unfathomable interest in the Hebraic teachings of the Kodesh Scriptures and has made and is continuing to make drastic life changes. Now grown, she lives in the eastern rural parts of Dominica eating from the soil and drinking from the springs. She continues to plan her exit from Babylon and call others into light of the Kingdom which has become her paramount objective. Her focus continues to be “The Christ” but in the fullness of truth. AbiYah acknowledges the teaching of His Majesty and hails the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Yahawadah (Judah) Yahawashi Ha Mashayach.

AbiYah from the tender age of 5 has been refining her art beginning with her school choir. She took part in local competitions such as Star quest and has been active on the live stage. She has released singles and in 2012 released a debut gospel album “Speak To Me” before starting University, Since then she slowed down a bit as her philosophies were changing and spirituality grew. Now she emerges with a new name, character, and sound perspective on the word of Truth.