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Jamaica Music Conference Takes The JMC Effect Global

02/01/2021 by Press Release

Jamaica Music Conference Takes The JMC Effect Global

In lieu of the 8th physical staging of Jamaica Music Conference (JMC) the JMC presents an online series, THE JMC EFFECT.

This four-part series will debut a new episode every Sunday during Reggae Month 2021 (February 2021) starting at 4:00pm EST. The series will combine a montage of essential gems from past JMC’s and compelling artist interviews. Among the artistes featured are rising stars Blvk H3ro and Abby Dallas, veteran artiste Major Mackerel, international Reggaeton superstar Jawy Méndez, and established Dancehall star, I-Octane.

The forty-five minute episodes will be broadcast on the JMC YouTube and Facebook platforms in addition to the official Reggae Month 2021 platforms - Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ) and JAM Vision, the IRIE JAM 360 app, as well as the World A Reggae and Cali Roots platforms.

In light of the global pandemic, restrictions on travel and unprecedented challenges to the music industry, the JMC has decided to seize the opportunity to expose to the world the vital information and insights that have kept faithful JMC attendees returning to the conference since 2013. In 2021 the event organizers are confident THE JMC EFFECT will reach an unprecedented range of music industry professionals around the world via the internet.

2021 marks the addition of a new member to the JMC management team. The JMC welcomes Bobby Clarke, O.D. and IRIE JAM/Caribbean Global Network (CGN) to the Jamaica Music Conference family. This win-win strategic partnership will benefit the industry by exposing CGN/Irie Jams’ large audience to JMC’s unique content while JMC’s audience will benefit from CGN’s production experience, media assets, human resources, and decades of industry insight.

We believe in the Jamaica Music Conference’s mission of connecting creators with the resources they need to be successful. Content is king and unless Jamaican content creators understand the business behind the content, Jamaica will never reap the tangible benefits of being a cultural superpower.” said Bobby Clarke when asked why he joined the JMC team.

THE JMC EFFECT connects creatives with the leaders in the Jamaica music industry. 2020 was a milestone year for the JMC. 2020 highlighted the growing strength of THE JMC EFFECT. The Almighty allowed us to stage the conference just before COVID and the global lockdown. With our groundbreaking partnerships with Solid Agency, IRIE JAM, BOOM Energy Drink, Itopia Life, Downsound Entertainment/Sumfest and a host of other partners, we were able to raise our production value, expand our network and broaden our reach. Our partnerships, particularly with Solid Agency, embody THE JMC EFFECT, and also were instrumental in bringing platforms like YouTube, Tidal, and Audiomack to Jamaica’s shores as well as panelists like the Reggae/Dancehall legend, Shaggy. Downsound Entertainment/SumFest provided significant support in the engagement of the legendary DJ Kool Herc.” Jamaica Music Conference Founder and CEO, Kwasi Bonsu, shared when asked about the JMC theme for 2021.

He continued - “The 2021 online series will allow us to share THE JMC EFFECT with the world and ensure that when the world opens again, music industry professionals from around the world will flock to Jamaica to attend the next in person staging of the JMC. This event will allow us to show some of the gems from our successful 2020 conference as well as some gems from our archives of past conferences.

The 2021 Jamaica Music Conference’s THE JMC EFFECT online presentation promises to expand the Jamaica Music Conference’s brand beyond the hundreds of conference attendees fortunate to gather in Jamaica to a global audience.